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Play the role of a contract killer that must perform a job during a cold night. The target is Spencer York, an apparently ordinary man living on the outskirts of a rural town. After driving for hours, everything is settled up to end the job fast. You only have to pull the trigger one more time, like the countless times you did before.


  • 15 - 30 minutes of gameplay
  • Retro aesthetic
  • Puzzles
  • Surprises


  • Movement: W,A,S,D
  • Interact: E
  • Reload: R
  • Walk: Left Shift
  • Shoot: LMB
  • Zoom: RMB
  • Pause: Escape


A game by Albert Ortiz.

Beta testing by Francesc Alegret, Meritxell Alegret, Arnau Beramendi, Albert Fernandez, Stefan Ivaylov, Miquel Lorente, Miquel Martin, Max Mazoteras, Pol Renau, Pau Solé, Marco Terral.

PSX rendering pipeline by Kodrin.

Additional 3d art from Sketchfab by Matthew (jeandiz), Yury Misiyuk, Emmanuel Ayilara, macropolo, Jamie McFarlane, stevennvh, 3DMaesen, Blender3D, Game Ready Art, OmegaRedZA, Skover, Wyme, Agustín Hönnun, ChamberSu1996, raeganmaddox, Batuhan13, Francesco Coldesina, maddhattpatt, Lucas Garnier, valentin321, Elasta Kristya, Chad Green, Zian, Tyler P, 3ddominator,  filthycent, xrooshka, MML0385, mozillareality, Artyom, Berk Gedik, Sam Constance, DmitriyGDS, Nikitos & 3130, PT34, amanda_98, Oliver Triplett, CrazyMoralFreak, Peter Primini, Maxim Ilyin, RED2000, hawol, Adrian Sheremet, 3dhdscan, ZareShadows, Anna Zhdanova, TKstairs.com, MihailoJova, loxfear, Neo_minigan, BillieBones, eucocker, Elisey, kevinruiz, Y2JHBK, spliter, seirogan, Medhatelo, Peter Primini, Sam Constance, Holydust, zhixson, DafVader, Brandon Westlake, Liam3D, Milan.

Music from: Cryo Chamber and Feslyian Studios.

Sounds from FreeSound.

Minimum System Requirements

SO: Windows 7 64 bit

Processor: Intel Core i3-6100 or AMD FX-6300

Memory: 4GB of RAM

Graphics: 2GB Integrated graphics

Storage: 1.72 GB

Recommended System Requirements

SO: Windows 10 64 bit

Processor: Intel Core i5-7400 or AMD Ryzen 1600

Memory: 8GB of RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 570


mail: skydrowdev@gmail.com

twitter: @skydrowDev

Release date Apr 16, 2021
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(56 total ratings)
GenreShooter, Action, Adventure
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Albert te quiero puedo tirar la ruleta?

-Oriol Darío y Alexandra

alex, perdón.

I've been meaning to play this for a while now. I'm so glad I finally gave it a shot. It takes a second to figure out, but it's a fun and tense time all the way through. Awesome work!

a very unique horror game, had a blast!

Started off so great but the twist at the end was just unplayable.. did we do something wrong?

what a great horror experience, it leads with the hitman plot then slaps you in the face with horror.
The scares werent cheap, the story was good, and the atmosphere was very well built, the house made it feel almost clausterphobic giving the player another layer of discomfort, overall a really great horror game. (1:10 is when my gameplay starts)

This game kept me on edge the entire time! Loved the graphics, plot and horror elements. It's a little hard but seems possible with multiple tries. Keep up the good work! 

PS. Added time stamps for the games played in this video! 

This is by far one of my favorite indie horror games that I have played! The graphics, backstory, sound effects, twist, etc. were all amazing! I've shared the link to this game in a Discord that I'm in so that others can check it out. Thanks for making this!

I really enjoyed this game! If you're looking for a different experience and polished  creepy noir  aesthetic , give this title a play! I made a spoiler free review if you aren't convinced yet ;)

The plot twist surprises really caught me off guard.  This was a fun short game, yall gotta download. The more blind you are about it the better. Needless to say Im retiring as a hitman now

how do you win???

Good, intense, situational, well made. Interesting development.


The light switch puzzle seems like it can only be solved through trial and error. Personally found that rather annoying.

This was a great spook, I may not be the best hitman but you could say I'm a great baby sitter

I really enjoyed this game! Very well done. Nice story, great ambiance, believable environment, and creepy enemies. I like that the shooting is awkward. You do have the gun but it's tough to use so you still feel afraid even with the self defense. Kinda brings back memories of RE and SH. Awesome job, thank you for making it!

Tried out COLD SHOT!

Actually creepy and enjoyed the story a lot, good take on horror 👍

I enjoyed this game so much that after recording a lets play and loosing all of the footage, I simply Recorded it AGAIN and finally uploaded that one. Great game man I will watch your career with great interest:

This HITMAN did not expect this... | Cold Shot Horror Game

Had so much fun playing if you want to see me play it here's my video!


As you learn about the protagonist problems and issues it only gets scarier! Great Game Devs!

Thanks a lot!


This was fun! You did such a great job instilling this feeling of uneasiness and I was straight panicking at the end! The guy in the window was pretty cool too. Was the dude behind the shed Rajkmont, the deformed pig?

Thanks a lot! I'm happy that you enjoyed it! The dude behind the shed is actually an easter egg lol (search Uncle Samsonite in Youtube). Rajkmont appears in the kitchen when you get the key.


Oh! Makes sense!!


Really enjoyed this one, ending definitely threw me for a loop! I enjoyed the difficulty too, I definitely took more than a couple tries to get everything down and get it to the end. A lot of horror shorts don't experiment with that I feel like it. Loved it! 

Glad to know, thanks!

Welp, another one... C Claimed.  (2)

Really sad that I don't know to edit those out T_T

Decided just to mute it all to be safe

Also, Is the Vsync really bugged or I don't have the right version + I may have found a Bug/Glitch?


Loved this game. Great story, great enemy. The last part was really a surprise, I enjoyed it a lot! It had a decent dificulty, took me a while.

Thanks a lot! I'm happy that you liked it :)


This is nothing like anything I've ever played before. Maybe a combination of some, but definitely a unique experience in my opinion. I really appreciate the amount of information given for the back story because without it, this would've been very surfacey! 

Great Work!

Thanks a lot!


Remember it's more than just a Man

I had a great time with this! I loved how it was suspenseful because you didn't know when he was gonna come get you, and then the lore behind it all was so awesome! The were demons tho! Just straight up DEMONS!

It was mortifying but I actually loved how bizarre it wa

Thanks! :)


this was really fun scared the crap outta me keep up the good work :D

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)


Incredible atmosphere and kept me on edge the entire time! 

Thanks a lot! I really enjoyed your gameplay!

Yo this game was great not gonna lie though, it was kinda hard to figure out what to do next but it was really great.


Thanks, really appreciated!


I shooted him. I shooted him dead pew pew.


Hehe thanks for playing!


My pleasure! ;{D


This was a very interesting game. I really like it though and thought it was well made and pretty creepy so props for that actually made me scream a bit. I enjoyed it so much I made a video on it.Don't mind the harsh critiquing. It's just for comedic effect and just know this game was incredible to play. I hope you make more in the future. Good Luck!



Amazing horror game, one of the best I've played on here. Short and sweet, great jumpscares. 10/10 would 100% reccommend!


Thanks a lot, very nice gameplay! :)


Really nice, solid simple horror experience. I'm not sure the low-res of it helps you that much. Also, even with gamma turned all the way up there really were a lot of spaces where I wasn't scared of the dark, I just couldn't see what was going on. However, I loved the enemy, I loved the way the doors get bashed down, it's quite solid. Good work.

Thanks a lot!

2nd game I played. Felt like I played it wrong

This Is what Nightmares are made of! Great Game!


Super fun! I loved it! It was scary and kept me on my feet!

Such a dope game! Loved the aesthetic, visuals, gameplay, everything. Amazing job my friend.


Thanks a lot!


Really good game! May revisit in another gameplay! 


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